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Dance with the Wind (hardback)

Dance with the Wind (hardback)

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City of Virtue and Vice: Book 1

A singer with forbidden magic.
An undercover renegade.
How can she keep her magic a secret if it goes wild every time they dance?

On Ylena’s first day inside the Shining City, a mysterious woman tricks her into auditioning for a magical ritual celebrating the Goddess. Every year, the young singers and dancers compete for the honor of performing in the enchanted ceremony, but with the ruthless High Priests in charge, a single wrong note is blasphemy.

If learning her role wasn’t hard enough, unexpected emotions make rehearsals even more complicated. There’s Wilder, Ylena’s flirty costar who knows more about the city’s dark secrets than he’s willing to tell, and Caed, her dance instructor, a priest who isn’t what he seems.
When Ylena manifests magic that makes her a threat, can she escape the spotlight at center stage before the High Priests discover her secret?

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