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A Spark of Nature (SIGNED hardback)

A Spark of Nature (SIGNED hardback)

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Heart of the Queendom: Book 2

A scholarly wallflower.
A too-charming prince.
Will she choose the protection her godmother offers or risk everything for true love?

Elliya has spent her whole life as a servant in her stepmother’s home and learned to stay quiet to survive. When a mysterious godmother offers her a new life as an apprentice scholar, Elliya abandons her former home for the one thing she’s always wanted: safety.

Living inside a monastery full of women scholars, she didn’t expect to meet Hawthorne, the most charming prince in the queendom. And despite her lifetime of trained silence, she can’t keep her mouth shut around him. Something about him stirs her temper … and her heart.

When the prince is kidnapped, Elliya is the only one who can save him. Will she stay safely tucked inside the walls of the monastery or use her newfound magic to save the man she loves?

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